5 Efficient apps for Teenagers

5 Efficient apps for Teenagers

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·Sep 22, 2022·

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Even a charger isn't attached to the phone for as much time as a normal teen is, in a day.

And, with this comes the perception that the growing technology and the way it is used is spoiling children.

No doubts, mobiles are a major distraction. Not only for teenagers, youngsters too spend some crucial hours scrolling through Instagram reels and memes. But, they say

It's all about whether you see the glass half empty or half full.


Talking about a mobile, the glass can be actually full, if you use some efficient apps that can change the way you look at things. Apps to channelize your strengths, apps to learn something new, apps to save your time, apps to..

Let's really have a look.

1. Duolingo: You may have ideas but they are futile if you don't have command over a language to express them. Moreover becoming multi-lingual is such a cool thing, right? It helps open job opportunities abroad, exposes you to new cultures and even helps you to express your feelings to a girl or boy of your class, without even making them realize.

Duolingo helps you improve your language skills further and even learn a new one! It has a 10-15 min practice session daily on the language you wish to learn, and you need to keep the streak alive. Super easy, fun and effective.

2. Inshorts: Why do we need a reason to know what's going on in the world we live? But most teenagers barely have time to sit and read the paper owing to long study schedules and other pressures.

Inshorts is an awesome app which gives a brief overview of the major current happenings around the globe. This keeps you more updated and opens your mind to newer prospects.


3. LinkedIn: It's high time to realize that teenagers can and should do much more than academics. It's your to age to explore careers, interests, passions and gain learning experiences, forming a network in the process.

LinkedIn got this for you. It's a platform where you'll find people from different domains and get a glimpse of how the corporate world works. You can 'Connect' with people which is something like the 'Follow' on Instagram. You can strike a conversation, learn from their work, share your experiences and get a better reach to explore the real world.

4. Canva : Who doesn't want to look cool by showcasing their design skills? Well, you can do so even when you don't have that design aptitude. Canva is a easy-to-use design app where you can easily create beautiful Instagram posts, YouTube thumbnails, posters, resume, videos, presentations, greeting cards and a lot more. As easy as pie!

5. Onclass: Onclass is a pre-skilling platform for ambitious teens to learn new skills, form a network, explore different domains, find what interests them and thus, launch straight after high-school.


Though they are on the way to launch the app, they already have an awesome course in store for you! A 4-week exclusive program on the most in-trend skill, CODING, where you learn under mentors and experts. It's for everyone who want to explore this magical world of coding once and challenge and upskill along the way.

And it's free.
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Do give all of 'em a try. Keep Learning, Keep Growing.

Authored by
Deepti Jain

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