High-paying career paths that DO NOT require a college degree

High-paying career paths that DO NOT require a college degree

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·Nov 11, 2022·

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The fire to go to India's or world's premier institutions and universities is good until you DON'T believe that life is nothing without getting into those.

Besides the exposure college life provides, the purpose of mostly every degree is to get you a good job, right?

But many 'Most popular companies to work for' don't require a college degree, and THAT'S TRUE.

Sometimes, a degree is little more than a passport; employers simply want to know you have one, and sometimes not even that. Now it's known that you can't get into areas like medicine without an MBBS, but there are many jobs where employers are more than ready to work with you if you have the right skill-set and a dazzling work portfolio and experience.

Let's have a look.

1. Marketing specialist: India is experiencing an entrepreneurial boom. In this start-up age, every company wants marketing experts to help them in different channels, may it be, affiliate marketing, social media marketing, organic marketing strategies and a lot more.

Not every new start-up is getting Aman from Shark Tank to do that, you can help them with this and earn a handsome amount of money as you progress.

If the thought of helping businesses grow, releases adrenaline in you, do look at the different marketing strategies, get enrolled in a course to learn it, and moreover, read case studies, start following marketing specialists and looking for opportunities.

2. Web development and programming: Given the rapidly-increasing number of Internet users, it’s no surprise that such technical jobs have a rapidly expanding industry. While web development is about designing websites, programmers create new applications or add to existing softwares.

As these are technical skills, you'll have to put efforts and time to properly learn them through an online course or the internet. Just don't doubt whether you'll get a job after learning these skills. Whatever college someone has completed their engineering from, ultimately they have to be good coders to get a job. If, with self-learning, you can become comfortabke with C++ and Java, you are definitely not behind in the race!

3.UI/UX design: UI-UX are a very crucial aspect of app and website development. While User Interface(UI) refers to the visuals, animation and other interactive elements, User experience design (UX) is to create easy and efficient experiences for the user.

Think, for whom is the product or service made for? The user, right? Thus, providing an appealing and easy interface is a top priority for all start-ups. And this is where UI-UX comes in.

If you have that creative persona, check out some popular courses on UI/UX and start applying for internships to work on real projects.

4. Small business-owners: You don't need a degree to be your full time boss! There are a lot of business ideas that you can think of, Shark Tank must have taught how innovately can you think about problem solving and devise your own roadmap for it. Other than entrepreneurship too, there's a lot that can be done as a part-time work to get paid. For example: An Instagram page to sell handmade goods or other products, your own website where you offer freelance services, tutoring businesses and a lot more!


A degree is a part of formal education. It helps you in giving a good start to your career. But, even if you don't have a degree for any reason or are a school student, don't bother. Not anything else, but YOU yourself decide your own worth.

Be a hustler and nothing can stop you from what you want.

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Deepti Jain

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