The best way to learn and earn for Teens

The best way to learn and earn for Teens

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·Sep 7, 2022·

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Teenage years are mostly characterized by constant peer pressure and the decision to choose a traditional career path.


Teenage is that period of life when it's your time to explore the world, find out your passions, broaden your knowledge base, start networking and thus utilize the enormous potential you possess.

Well, I know the second definition sounds more intriguing and optimistic. The sad truth is that people and teens believe that the former is an irreversible fact and the latter a mere fantasy.

Really? In this growing world where Internet has served the world in front of you and platforms like Onclass are assisting teens to learn real-life skills, finding and working on your passion is not that difficult.

You must be familiar with INTERNSHIPS, aren't you?
-Yeah,I have.
Have you tried getting one?
-Why would I, am too young for it.

If this is how you think, do read the full article.

There are thousands of start-ups who need content writers, video editors, coders, designers, marketers and a lot more. If you are an intern to them, it means you're working with them for a fixed period, with or without being paid,to gain expertise in your field. Internships can help you gain experience as well as money, if you learn a skill and practice it.



A smart option to get an edge over others: There's still a perception that working with companies, having meets and earning money are something to be done in your 20s. But why'd you fall for this norm? If you're a teen, I can assure you that you have enough capability to learn a skill and kick-start your professional journey with an internship to stand-out from others like you.

Build your portfolio: If you think your graduation degree will assure you a well-paying job, you are mistaken. What makes you a unique candidate, among thousands, are your skills and experiences that are reflected in your portfolio. An internship is definitely a fantastic opportunity for you to build a stupendous resume for your future.

Making money: While you should not hesitate to do even do an unpaid one if you're a newbie, getting a stipend for your hard-work is surely a motivation that keeps you going. There's always a craze among teenagers to earn at their age and an internship is the best option to learn and earn at the same time.

Gaining real-world experience:Real-life knowledge and practical skills are still lacking in our education system. The importance of real-life skills lies in the fact that you can't function without them when you step out in the real world. So don't you think it's a wise move to start dealing with real-world problems in your school years and eventually learn how your post-school life is going to be?

Learning soft skills: Believe me when I say that skills like communication, time management, problem solving, leadership quality, negotiation/convincing skills, creativity are the most crucial aspects of your career progression. There's no better teacher than LIFE and EXPERIENCES to teach you these.

Internships really are a wholesome experience.

Internship~Working with organizations~ Interactions and meetings~ managing work and studies~Learning from people's experiences~ Growing your network~Becoming open-minded

What are the other benefits? You will yourself notice the change within you buddy, when you finally do it.

How do I get one?
It's obvious that a companies look for skilled people to work with and thus you have to gain a skill if you want to be an intern. For instance, you need to be at a decent level in graphic designing to be hired as a graphic design intern.

While YouTube and Google provides an unparalleled learning experience, what could be more better if you find a platform that holds your hand to make you learn a skill for free, grow your network, expose you to the vast world, connect you with industry experts and finally help you to land in an internship!

Onclass provide this holistic experience to ambitious teens like you. Applications for our first free-of-cost Discovery Program are open. If you want to deep dive into learning a skill and get an internship, you can't miss out on this.

Check out the details and
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