What did the  College Search phase teach me?

What did the College Search phase teach me?

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·Aug 28, 2022·

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From finding excuses for silly school mistakes
Finding colleges
We grew up.

The day of our school farewell is still live in front of my eyes. Ahh! We were writing on each other's shirts, laughing our hearts out, trying to cherish every moment because we knew it was the last time.

Even board exams were not as painful as bidding a bye to the place where we made a million memories!

Well, life has to go on and

Boards started...stress, stress, stress....boards ended.

Some days of recreation and then started the stress again. CUET is coming!


For those who still believe the age-old tradition that 99% in 12th is a prerequisite for getting into DU, let me tell you. The tradition is broken. CUET score is the new password to the Delhi University gateway.

Like thousands others, DU was a dream that I saw for two long years. But dreams don't let you work hard to fulfill them. And thus, even though I knew the dates for the entrance test can be announced anytime, I could not come out of my chill-pill mode to start studying for it.

Point no.1: I may differ from many here but, if you really want something, don't make it your dream. Dreams are fragile. Make it your rigid aim and achieve it.

For unknown reasons, a strong instinct told me my entrance would be in August. But, when the admit card came out on 12th July, Boom!

Date of exam: 16th July

My heart stopped for a while. Tears of repent rolled down my eyes, I could see my dream getting away from me. Gave the exam to the best that I could.

I was however, clear on one thing. I want to go to a new city for college because I wanted to become that version of myself, that I always wanted to be. More bold, responsible and smart.

I had also given an entrance for a state university and got a decent rank : 264 among 2609 students. Even when I knew the reservation policy of that university for its state students, I was confident to get a good college. The results came. My confidence broke like a bowl of glass when I got my least preferred college due to the high cutoff.

Point no.2: There's a thin line between confidence and over confidence. Expect the worst and you'll never be disappointed.

After a month of researching about college rankings, which was truly a rollercoaster ride of anxiety, self-doubt and what not, I got a good option in hand, when I was selected in a well-known college.

Everything was going on smoothly when another wave hit me.

A branch of the same franchise of the college that I was looking forward to was in an other city too and I started to like that one better. Well, wo to hona hi tha. Because, it's registration process was over. Why didn't you apply your mind to it before? Inner voices kept on telling me.

Maybe because I didn't want to even think of cities that lied outside my 'fascination radar.' I tried to calm myself down and reached at this.

Point no.3: Don't restrict yourselves to thinking in one direction. Even if you don't like something, try understanding it once.

There's still no perfect ending to my story because the CUET results are not yet declared. Well, I would be going to a college before that and then just wait to know whether Delhi wants to have me or not.

Life lessons will never end but what I've learnt about myself and life in this phase, will remain with me forever.

Point no.4: There will come several times in life when you will have to take decisions for yourself. It may become really difficult at times, you will always want to have someone by your side. But, this is the time that makes you grow strong. Don't let fear get over you.


Authored by
Deepti Jain

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