Why networking is important for teens and here's how you can start

Why networking is important for teens and here's how you can start

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·Aug 19, 2022·

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Life is nothing without learning and there's something to learn from everyone.

Interactions, exchange of ideas and information, debate and discussions help us to improve our own clarity of thought as well as to understand newer perspectives.

This is what networking is all about!

Being a part of a community and building connections. So do you think that for this simple yet crucial aspect of one's career, someone needs to wait till they complete high school?

Not at all! In fact, TEENAGE is the right time when along with having a friend circle and following Instagram, one should start making connections to know the real world in which eventually they have to step in after some years.


Why is it important?

  • Networking can open doors for making your career.

■Steve Balmer was Bill Gates' college roommate and is now worth more than $71 billion after joining Gates during Microsoft's early days. Had he not maintained his relationship with Gates after college, he may not have seen the same success.

■ Who hasn't heard the names of Larry Page and Sergey Brin? Our life savior, Google wouldn't have been there today, had these two not interacted with each other while studying at Stanford University.

  • Finding newer opportunities You must have heard of teens who are the owners of start-ups and are bending the world around them. But why are only some teens able to achieve such heights? Even though they have talent, what really works are the opportunities and support they have. Being in contact of people who are in the same industry you are passionate about can really help you get your first kick. You can join internships, discuss ideas and even implement your dream project! Believe me, no one will say a no to help a 15-16 year old who is willing to do something great!

  • Enhancing your intellect As the saying goes, 'You are the average of five people you surround yourselves with.' Imagine if you connect with professionals, interact with them, work with them, in which ever possible way! You are definitely going to get an edge over other teens for the best way to learn about something is to talk to people who have expertise in it.


How can it be done?

  • Create a LinkedIn account: Now, this is something obvious. LinkedIn is a professional platform where you'll find graduates, entrepreneurs, corporate guys, people building new start-ups, people with expertise in marketing, design and a lot more! Connect with people whose story or work inspires you, strike a conversation or maybe call them over a podcast to get some guidance! Moreover you get so many internship opportunities on LinkedIn in whatever role you're passionate about!

  • Get involved in activities outside of school: C'mon, get outside of your comfort zone! What are your passions? What interests you? Explore diverse fields, find opportunities, become a part of an NGO or volunteering groups maybe! Such commitments help you strengthen self-confidence and build lifelong relationships.

  • Start talking: While it's easy to send a message to someone, shyness becomes a hurdle in in-person conversations. Don't let this get over you. Shyness is just a state of mind, take it easy, and say hi to people you've never talked to. On LinkedIn and other platforms, you will find these cool people related to the space you're interested in. You miss all the shots you don't take, so message them to strike a conversation and add key players in your network!

Do you still think, how will I be able to do it? Relax, Wait for the pro tip!


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Authored by Deepti Jain

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